30 Day Mind-Body Reset

30 Day Mind-Body Reset


I’ve been working on something for you that I think you are going to love.

Book my brand-new online coaching program that will help you reduce stress, improve your mood, and balance your body and spirit in 20 mins or less per day. I put this program together because this is something a lot of my clients and friends are dealing with this and I’ve been there myself too. It wasn’t
until I applied these simple but effective strategies that things turned around.
Here is the outline for the next  30 days. 

Week 1 – Create the Perfect Self Care Program for YOU.
Discover the benefits of self-care, simple ways to get started and how to ditch the guilt and find a routine you enjoy that works best for YOU, in as little as 5-20 minutes per day.
Fill your cup first, so you can help others.

Week 2 – Set Intentions and Boundaries for More Joy, Fulfillment and Happiness.
Learn how to find more joy by creating a more intentional, balanced life that includes focusing on your needs while still giving back in ways that align with your goals, 
priorities, and dreams.

 Week 3 – Discover the Food/Mood Connection and Mindful Eating.
Discover how certain foods can affect your mood, cognitive function, bloating, etc. and learn how to tune into what foods can be triggers for you, so you can learn to avoid them.

Week 4 – Create Habits and Routines That Last.
You’ll be empowered to stick to your new goals and habits with ease, so you are set up for long-term success.

      Book now for only $99 which also includes a complimentary 4 week meal plan.

One-size does not fit all when it comes to nutrition. We will work together and I will provide nutritional guidance with a meal plan, recipes, or a collection. This is a personalized experience that will make you feel seen, heard, and cared for